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    Focus on management, provide professional engineering management and consulting services, involving oil and gas, wind power, hydro-power and other energy and chemical industries and fields.

  • About Us

    Jinghu Engineering Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Is engaged in the engineering project management, technical consulting and technical services, Provide engineering project management service, technical consultation and technical service for oil and gas, chemical energy, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Jinghu Engineering Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has formed strategic cooperation with relevant manufacturing enterprises, providing comprehensive services of EPCM, helping customers to better implement and complete projects more efficiently.



  • Business Scope

    The main business areas are oil and gas, wind power, hydro-power, energy and chemical industry, chemical equipment machinery manufacturing industry and engineering project management, technical consulting and technical services

    Project Management

    Procurement management, construction management, progress management and quality management of field construction projects and workshop manufacturing projects.

    Module Fab and Construction

    Role as EPCM company, project executing and implementation, to ensure the project was successfully implemented, including design, procurement, construction and related project management.

    Anti-corrosive and Fireproofing

    Anti-corrosion construction of steel structures, pipes and equipment, insulation construction of pipes and equipment, and fire prevention construction of steel structures and equipment.

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